Try again

Let me preface by saying that all writers are artists under the influence; that being said I could not be under the influence for some time because my liver is still detoxing December, and the weather played a cruel trick on me and had to be under some meds for a minute. Still, these words kept ringing in my head and I had to share them.



My People


So, since everyone on Mukuru kwa Zuckerberg has taken the time out to reflect on the current debacle that is our election and results status, I might as well dip my toes in the deep end. (more…)

Saving Me #1


Time check: 11.43 pm

Painfully awake, Laundry sorted, Cleaning checklist prioritized…

Movie:Friends with kids – moral of the story, single people lying to themselves that they can have their cake and eat it too, sorry that wont happen. Good news is, you might end up falling for your baby mama/daddy and live happily ever after…. or not, kinda depends on how douchy ya’ll are to begin with.

Warm levels: Just danced to DJ TTB, jumper on couch arm, socks strewn on rug.

Position on washing bedroom curtains: Negative. Last time we checked gecko was hanging around there making friends with mosquitoes and I don’t want to shriek unnecessarily,

Snacking options: Is there any good snacking option for minutes to midnight? Yes, No, Maybe? Ah what the hell, yoghurt and cornflakes it is.

They’re now discussing a loved ones slow painful death by disease. Hmmm… lets cross that bridge when we get there. What to watch next…. reruns of despicable me. Gru seems like he would be hilarious at this point in time.

Okay that’s done, scrolling to see whats next…. meanwhile googling all those mantras that one is supposed to chant to themselves every morning… Me ‘Yes Myself’ Lets copy Mary Jane and fill the walls up with yellow stickers of every little affirmation and recipes of concoctions we need. ‘Brilliant Idea You’

Check whatsapp… most people asleep except fellow singletons.

GoTv just sent me airtime…. Thanks ^Kev^, if only you’d give me your number then this would be put to good use.

Time Check: Midnight. Let the small hours begin…




Ode to a Broken Heart

Surf tormented shore

We are the children born of (not in) the golden age of internet and we have come to believe that we can be witty, deep and expressive through a limited number of words offered by technical wizards who probably think of everything as numbers; including the very bodies that we immerse daily in the effort of trying to coin that perfect phrase, tagline, paragraph or chapter. (more…)

Ode to Vanity


Vanity, vanity…. all is vanity. Truer words have never been spoken, but even the great Solomon in all his wisdom, may have left out this one bitter pill that I  think he anguished over; probably led him to this stunning conclusion. Let us study the possible road followed to lead to this conclusion. (more…)