Last of the summer wine

Last of the Summer Wine was the longest-running comedy programme in Britain, and the longest running situation comedy in the world. (1973-2010)

This month has led me to start viewing this year of the viable diable age as the year of the last of the summer wine. It is more a steady realization that even though I can shaku shaku and gwara gwara pretty decently for my age, society expects me to draw to a close activities that are associated with the end of the tripple decade. Though I don’t necessarily think I owe anyone an explanation and can do very well what I please, I do feel I have experienced quite the number of things I wanted to and so I wouldn’t be prising dead cold fingers off the handle, rather a raising the glass to the end of an era and ushering a new one full of different but exciting possibilities.



The Viable Diable Age

Lamu  Sunset

Thirty One, the viable diable age….sounds perfectly horrid but never did a single phrase make so much sense to me. It all makes sense when you read it in context (check my reading list) but the basic postulation is that one can die at 31 and it would make sense. It wouldn’t be such a sad affair because one would have completed a full third of their life. Morbid? Well, take time to think about it.


Month 2: Love and Love


All hail Le Fwa!

Where the month of February went to I cannot tell you but I can say this, for a short one it was jam packed with all the good stuff and made me realize that time is but a fleeting moment. Just the other day we ushered the new year and now we are well into the third month.


Month 1: Double Wahalla

Walking into February Like.

It is mixed feelings as this month draws to a close; on the one end obviously happy because financial resources were so stretched to the point that February salary was such a relief, and even then, still not out of the red probably until end of March. On the other hand, cant believe that it has been a month already! How time flies when you have a list of things to accomplish within a given period. I mean, this last week alone has been a flown by but at the same time has tested some limits I didn’t even realize I had till now.

I am happy to say though, that I am on course-with a few adjustments here and there – and I am actively fighting procrastination at every level. The greatest lesson for the month actually came just after the close of the month, and though it stung like hell, it was a good reminder that I needed to be conscious every waking hour of myself and the people around me. Lets just say this past Friday someone sought to remind me of ‘my place’and I realized something; I fall “in friends” to quickly. Within my first or second meeting with people I consider them my friends when I shouldn’t even be quick to label them as acquaintances. Lets just say Lady got a bitter taste in her mouth and vows to be more careful in the future.

Anyway, no wahalla. My friends as always, are my biggest champions and I would like to give a special shout out to My sidebars, My girls, Kenny’s angels, Sheshi Kahiro(you are laif!), Shudren and the men in my life who remind me to keep my chin up always.

So, on this note, lets see January accomplishments:

  1. Live, laugh, pray – This is a day at a time. I have to say though, some people are sorely testing the laugh aspect with some BS. They best be advised that in this year of the Lord 2018 Angela has such limited cans to give and the need to check themselves. I will do my best to keep my opinions to myself but don try me shaa, I have said my own o! #NrW2018 also rocked, though Lord Errol, I dey vex for lack of mousse.


  1. Read more and stay woke – Was hoping to have read Tiffany Hadish’s The last Black Unicorn by the time I posted this. In the spirit of being honest let me say I am halfway through it. My Le Fwa made my month though by sharing her Harry Potter Audio books. Small paradise on earth I tell you, you will not even understand.


  1. Travel arrangements – I took a leap of faith and booked my trip to Lamu. I’m hoping one or two of my friends join me but either way, I just had to make a point of putting an actual date down and sticking to the plan. Now, booking my annual leave- I am so not looking forward to having that discussion with my boss.


  1. 2017’s resolution –  Kaaai, I don try sef *bitesfinger*  This resolution was tried but made it through month 1.


  1. Keep investing in my friends and family – Had a meet with my girls and it was Laif! Cherubet fussed about not being included in last year’s RnR. Well, the girls and I are hoping to have our next RnR in Nanyuki – killing two birds with one stone aay – and this time everyone shall has been given sufficient notice. #NrW 2018 with Mbinya and Njeri were just so and any day with wine, potatoes, wheat and Sheshi is an awesome day.


  1. Credit Status – My credit is still shit, but I made it though January by the skin of my teeth.


  1. Career goals – at this point, still in early planning phase considering how closely tied it is to the credit status. Hoping to have an update soon.


  1. Blog at least once per month – 1 month down, 11 more to go.


  1. Gym -Maintained weight… January wasn’t even about that chrome and potato life budge


  1. Opinion keeping – Again, I have been severely tested this month to the point that I had to develop an addendum which requires me to, whenever I feel some opinions building up, call my sidebar and just rave for a couple of minutes. I cannot handle ulcers and actually don’t intend to so I am sorry friends, I’ll just have to shout your ears off sometime, and youre more than welcome to do the same.


  1. Chrome and Potatoes – Oluwa came through not as I wanted but as I needed, and I have to say Chrome was provided for, not in the copious amounts that I sometimes craved, but sufficient enough to make me want to call Le Fwa.

Ofcourse the next three months are all about #BBNaija Double Wahalla. Abeg, no vex but e be like say I go talk am small pidgin from time to time.


Photo Credits: Cathy Mbinya and Annette Musehenga(mbikoss me and paparazzi is oil and water)


My People


So, since everyone on Mukuru kwa Zuckerberg has taken the time out to reflect on the current debacle that is our election and results status, I might as well dip my toes in the deep end. (more…)

Saving Me #1


Time check: 11.43 pm

Painfully awake, Laundry sorted, Cleaning checklist prioritized…

Movie:Friends with kids – moral of the story, single people lying to themselves that they can have their cake and eat it too, sorry that wont happen. Good news is, you might end up falling for your baby mama/daddy and live happily ever after…. or not, kinda depends on how douchy ya’ll are to begin with.

Warm levels: Just danced to DJ TTB, jumper on couch arm, socks strewn on rug.

Position on washing bedroom curtains: Negative. Last time we checked gecko was hanging around there making friends with mosquitoes and I don’t want to shriek unnecessarily,

Snacking options: Is there any good snacking option for minutes to midnight? Yes, No, Maybe? Ah what the hell, yoghurt and cornflakes it is.

They’re now discussing a loved ones slow painful death by disease. Hmmm… lets cross that bridge when we get there. What to watch next…. reruns of despicable me. Gru seems like he would be hilarious at this point in time.

Okay that’s done, scrolling to see whats next…. meanwhile googling all those mantras that one is supposed to chant to themselves every morning… Me ‘Yes Myself’ Lets copy Mary Jane and fill the walls up with yellow stickers of every little affirmation and recipes of concoctions we need. ‘Brilliant Idea You’

Check whatsapp… most people asleep except fellow singletons.

GoTv just sent me airtime…. Thanks ^Kev^, if only you’d give me your number then this would be put to good use.

Time Check: Midnight. Let the small hours begin…