Of Signs and Subtle Messages


Time flew by so far that I suddenly found myself in the middle of September with no post to show for August and so I decided to combine the two months stories. Not to mean that nothing interesting happened; far from it. It has mostly been a season in my life with ups and downs, open and subtle messages that have had a definite impact in my life.





It has been a month of highs and lows. Not overstated really but there was joy with melancholy attached and so really, I cannot label the exact feeling. I cannot say I have been totally happy without having some sad feelings attached. All in all, as it was said this month, Bora Uhai, and this is the thought July left us with. That in all things, we should be thankful we are able to feel all these emotions and plough through them one smile and tear at a time.


May and June – Picture Story

Somehow, this is the perfect track song to this post

It’s a slow day at the office and thus the perfect time to record for posterity (if not my future children) what has been happening in my life. My grandmother suffered from Alzheimer’s and more and more these days I am constantly worried that I may carry the gene. Thus I want to record my thoughts as much as possible day in and out so that in the future (God forbid the dementia) I am able to look back and feel what I felt in these moments captured on camera, and relive the emotions as I wrote down these words.


Embracing Imperfect

Me, trying to pose for Lorna, who at this point was severely frustrated by the fact that I could not stand still and smile for the camera 🙂

I’d like to say I have a better excuse, but truthfully I don’t. All I know is work happened and the weekends had more responsibilities, drinking and treating hangovers. Got some really cool photos but truthfully I can’t remember in detail what happened, except that I put in the time in the plantation, got paid, spent, went broke and the cycle repeated.


Last of the summer wine

Last of the Summer Wine was the longest-running comedy programme in Britain, and the longest running situation comedy in the world. (1973-2010)

This month has led me to start viewing this year of the viable diable age as the year of the last of the summer wine. It is more a steady realization that even though I can shaku shaku and gwara gwara pretty decently for my age, society expects me to draw to a close activities that are associated with the end of the tripple decade. Though I don’t necessarily think I owe anyone an explanation and can do very well what I please, I do feel I have experienced quite the number of things I wanted to and so I wouldn’t be prising dead cold fingers off the handle, rather a raising the glass to the end of an era and ushering a new one full of different but exciting possibilities.


The Viable Diable Age

Lamu  Sunset

Thirty One, the viable diable age….sounds perfectly horrid but never did a single phrase make so much sense to me. It all makes sense when you read it in context (check my reading list) but the basic postulation is that one can die at 31 and it would make sense. It wouldn’t be such a sad affair because one would have completed a full third of their life. Morbid? Well, take time to think about it.


Month 2: Love and Love


All hail Le Fwa!

Where the month of February went to I cannot tell you but I can say this, for a short one it was jam packed with all the good stuff and made me realize that time is but a fleeting moment. Just the other day we ushered the new year and now we are well into the third month.